Building value through discovery and innovation.

Technology Commercialization

At Resodyn Corporation, we strive to commercialize products that help our customers solve problems where no solution existed before. Our products are known for their cost effective, straight forward designs and reliability. We have in-house expertise to guide a project from discovery through design to manufacturing and our Marketing and Business Development staff is skilled at growing new technology based businesses.

Resodyn Corporation's unique and extremely talented technical staff include PhDs, scientists, and engineers.  This extraordinary group has proven adept at developing concepts for solving some of today's most challenging problems. 

A complete prototyping and manufacturing infrastructure helps our research team quickly establish proof of feasibility for their proposed innovations.  Here, scientists demonstrate that ResonantAcoustic®   Mixing in a sealed container facilitates the prepartion of multiple, simultaneous, small batches.

Fully integrated development teams at Resodyn Corporation include representatives from mechanical and electrical engineering as well as manufacturing, marketing, and business development which ensures a swift path to market.  Here, a mechanical engineer evaluates the FEA model of a spring used in one of our complex industrial mixers.
Prior commercialization successes and a fully supported manufacturing infrastructure have resulted in Resodyn Corporation's ability to quickly scale up a successful technology and deliver it to the market place.  Here LabRAM mixers are being assembled to fulfil recent and anticipated orders.
Resodyn Corporation understands complex markets and knows that not all technologies can be successfully marketed in the same manner.  The talented and diverse team at Resodyn Corporation includes marketing and business development professionals with the necessary background and experience to launch new technologies.  Here, LabRAM mixers have been assembled and are ready to ship.