Building value through discovery and innovation.

Our Mission Statement

Resodyn Corporation discovers and innovates technical product and process solutions to problems facing a broad range of industrial companies, biotechnology firms, and governmental agencies, which are open to novel technical approaches. Motivated by a passion for innovative research and development processes, Resodyn Corporation creates value-added technology solutions to address these problems. These solutions generate value for Resodyn Corporation's clients, partners, employees, the community and owners, while improving the standard of living for society.

  • Commitment to Excellence

    Commitment to Excellence

    This value is demonstrated by an uncompromising drive to be the best in the world at what we do. The Resodyn Corporation commitment to excellence is exemplified by setting and meeting the highest levels of performance in each and every aspect of the company's business. This value is enabled by the professionalism of our staff and their passion to perform at the highest level.

  • Conviction to Conduct Business Ethically and with Integrity

    Conviction to Conduct Business Ethically and with Integrity

    A guiding belief at Resodyn Corporation is that each aspect of our dealings with clients, partners, associates and employees is conducted with honesty and forthrightness. The ethical standards for conduct of technical work and business are undertaken without compromise to outcome. Resodyn Corporation will not forfeit this core value for profit or gain.

  • Resoluteness to Quality

    Resoluteness to Quality

    A fundamental component of the Resodyn Corporation culture is to produce quality products that result in value to our clients. Our metric to ensure quality is established by our products and services fulfilling the needs and expectations of our clients.

  • Obligation to Maintain Client Satisfaction

    Obligation to Maintain Client Satisfaction

    We are staking the future of Resodyn Corporation on our ability to establish a sound reputation for always being professional and doing what it takes to ensure client satisfaction, resulting in nurturing long term relationships and repeat business. This also means we are continuously and relentlessly looking for ways to improve.

  • Passion for Innovation

    Passion for Innovation

    This value is demonstrated by an insatiable passion at Resodyn Corporation to innovate new and advanced processes and products for our clients. This passion enhances our capacity to continuously seek and develop new and better solutions.

  • Steadfastness to Carry Out Business with Corporate Responsibility and Fairness

    Steadfastness to Carry Out Business with Corporate Responsibility and Fairness

    Resodyn Corporation's business culture is to conduct business using a win-win philosophy and to build sustainable business-to-business and client relationships. We stand by our commitments and strive for mutually beneficial opportunities with our clients, suppliers and strategic partners.

  • Reliability and Teamwork

    Reliability and Teamwork

    Resodyn Corporation delivers what is promised, and is committed to completing work on schedule. Resodyn Corporation staff consistently meets their obligations and are always willing to pitch in to help one another, our clients and our partners.