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Biosensor for Biological Warfare and Bioterrorism

Resodyn handheld biosensorWhether it's concerns over a nation state's use of chemical weapons or standing vigilant against terror attacks against our food supply - the reality of this brave new world is that we must maintain the ability to rapidly and inexpensively detect harmful pathogens in our environment for our safety and for the safety of our men and women in harms way.

  • Powerful

    The Resodyn Corporation Biosensor offers the powerful molecular recognition technology, typically found in complex laboratory instruments, in a hand-held, field portable solution.

  • Flexible

    Perhaps the greatest feature of the Resodyn Corporation Biosensor is the ability to use the technology in a variety of environments, across a spectrum of potentially harmful pathogens. Having developed the underlying molecular recognition in the hand held unit, the issue of contaminant detection is addressed by simply substituting a different single use card. Example solutions that Resodyn Corporation has developed range from detection of contaminants in the food supply, to the ability to detect trace amounts of TNT or other explosives.

  • Development of the Biosensor was made possible through work with agencies such as the Combat Casualty Care Research program of the United States Army and the Montana Board of Research and Comercialization Technology.

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