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Mixing Platforms and Bioreactors

Resodyn handheld biosensorMany of the advances in reconstructive medicine require scalable, GMP capable devices for culturing cells and tissues that maintain sterility, provide oxygen and fresh nutrients, while monitoring and maintaining strict control over all of the physical parameters of the culture system. While there are currently several types of bioreactors that have been developed in academic laboratories or are available on the market, there are no systems that meet all of the diverse needs for multiple types of tissue engineering systems, e.g. from stem cells to differentiated cells, and from monolayers to scaffolds.

Key facts:

  • Resodyn Corporation has developed and commercialized a Shake Flask system that achieves oxygen transfer results that are several fold greater than existing technology.  This is being marketed and sold as the RAMbio from Applikon.
  • Resodyn Corporation has also developed and sold a single use bioreactor.
  • Our scientists and engineers are currently developing a bioreactor that will grow and harvest stem cells while more than doubling the yield currently available.

Development of the RAMbio shake flask system was made possible through the generous support of agencies like the National Institutes of Health, the National Science Foundation, and the Montana Board of Research and Commercialization Technology.