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Advanced Instrumentation

Sensing technology development at Resodyn Corporation diverges into key areas. Combining our knowledge of antibodies with our developments in spectral fluorescence, we are working to build cost effective, field portable biosensors. At the same time, as the use of composite materials grows in industries such as Aerospace and Construction, we are leveraging our ResonantAcoustic® technology to detect defects and help determine the safety of such systems. Our world class staff also has experience in the design and implementation of antenna and radar systems.

  • Biosensors


    We are developing biosensors using a core fluorophore technology to detect trace amounts of substances such as toxins used in biological warfare, and microbes found in our food supply. Our goal is to make a fast, affordable, field sensing unit for use by the US Armed Forces, at Point of Care locations and as a QC tool within our nation's food supply chain.

  • Electromagnetic Sensors

    Electromagnetic Sensors

    Based on our expertise in material science, we are developing sensors that can detect flaws and stresses in metallic structures such as rivet holes on aircraft. Composite structures continue to grow in popularity in both military and industrial applications, and Resodyn Corporation is leading the way in cost effective evaluation and repair through its line of NDE technology.

  • Thermography Sensing

    Thermography Sensing

    Based on our knowledge of ResonantAcoustic® technology and similar to our work in electromagnetic sensors, we have developed sensors for detecting flaws in composite structures such as wind turbine blades. In addition to significant military demand for detecting flaws in composite materials, this technology can greatly reduce the maintenance and repair costs for alternative energy solutions like wind energy making it more affordable for our country.