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Low Frequency Energy Put to Good Use

Our ability to understand and harness the benefits of low frequency, acoustic energy has led to numerous commercial products and a healthy slate of development projects. Trademarked ResonantAcoustic®, this technology operates at a system's resonant frequency. By monitoring and controlling the energy input, the total energy can be amplified without detriment to the overall system.

  • Industrial Mixing

    Industrial Mixing

    Resodyn Acoustic Mixers, Inc., markets a full line of industrial scale mixers based on ResonantAcoustic® technology (RAM mixers). With no impellers or mixing blades, RAM Mixers use low frequency acoustic energy to quickly mix even the most viscous (over 1MM cP) compounds. Almost any vessel can become the mixing chamber; including shipping containers. This means less waste, minimal clean-up, faster cycle times and no contamination. Visit to learn more and request a free mixing trial.

  • Mixing Platforms and Bioreactor Technology

    Mixing Platforms and Bioreactor Technology

    Conventional bioreactors that rely on impellers must balance mixing considerations with biological shear sensitivity to arrive at a compromise that often limits culture productivity. Resodyn Corporation has developed a suite of bioreactors that employ ResonantAcoustic® agitation which provides dramatically increased levels of mixing at reduced shear stress levels, allowing greatly improved culture productivity.

  • Non Destructive Evaluation (NDE)

    Non Destructive Evaluation (NDE)

    Based on our knowledge of ResonantAcoustic® technology and our expertise in material science, we are developing sensors that can detect flaws and stresses in metallic and composite structures such as rivet holes on airplanes and wind turbine blades. Composite structures continue to grow in popularity in both military and industrial applications, and Resodyn Corporation is leading the way in cost effective evaluation and repair through its line of NDE technology.

  • Sonic Drilling

    Sonic Drilling

    According to industry experts, Sonic Drilling provides the highly representative continuous core sampling in even the most difficult terrain. Even the world's leading drilling company however has relied on "operator feel" for using these important techniques. Our understanding of resonant principles has led to the development of a control software to optimize drilling performance.